We’ve all been there:

  • You’ve reached a plateau and just can’t seem to take that next step.
  • You’ve hit a wall in your training.
  • You just need a little more focus.
  • You’re working your way back from an injury.
  • Physically, you’re just fine. Mentally, you seem to be your own worst enemy.

Getting to your personal best requires your focused effort. You know that reaching the top and staying there is an ongoing quest.

Athletes who have attained their peak performance describe the joy for the sport that feeds them and the importance of having clear goals to work towards. Some have grown profoundly while overcoming setbacks due to injury or athletic defeat.

Let me tell you a story.
When I first partnered with Roger, he was just starting out as a soccer referee. He was anxious about the whole enterprise – nothing felt solid, he didn’t even know what his next move should be, let alone his future as a referee, and he was getting no help from his friends, who all felt refereeing was too hard. But he had a passion and he wanted to pursue it. We went through a life assessment and found ways of bringing clarity to his life and ideas he could implement to build his confidence. He’s made friends with fellow referees to help him stay inspired. We even found a way his job could also benefit from his leadership skills as a referee, and he’s thriving now at work as well.

Roger isn’t a unique example. As your life coach and a sports enthusiast, I will partner with you as you assess key factors that lead to your personal best. Together we’ll work to find your best approach to achieve your next athletic goal. Together we can create a plan to move you forward.

Want a quick jumpstart? Take a look at the right sidebar. Think about your current level of confidence in each of the areas compared to where you would like to be. Is your mental game at 25% of where you’d like it to be? Is your life balance at 50%? Is your time management 75% effective?

When you’re ready to increase your score, give me a call. Schedule a free exploratory session and find out how we can work together to improve your business and your life.