For the last five years as a professional life coach, I have had the privilege of working with the most amazing people who have chosen to live up to their potential. I am continuously gratified and inspired by witnessing their courageous choices and transformation made made one day at a time.

Here are some of the things they value in the process of coaching with me.

Christine has been instrumental in helping me uncover and act upon some important personal values, desires, and truths that I had not previously acknowledged. I'm excited about the increasing fulfillment, effectiveness, balance, and joy in my life.

Christine helps me examine myself, recognize goals, and break them down into manageable steps. She provides honest encouragement and consistent support so that I can achieve my goals.

What I appreciate most in my coaching is having Christine to share in both my successes and the areas of challenge for me. It is really eye-opening, and coaching reduces the feeling that I am alone in making important changes in my life.

Christine was thoughtful, provocative and focused. She gave me a lot to think about and manageable action items to pursue each week. It is clear that Christine has the tools, truly cares and wants you to succeed.

Christine offers an invaluable service to help provide insight into one's strength and weaknesses, to help target your goals and to help you take personal responsibility to achieve them.

Working with Christine has given me the courage to look at all my options. I have more confidence when I am at a crossroad because I can clearly choose which path to take next. It becomes possible for me to leave my comfort zone and make new strides.

Christine has a real gift understanding human emotion and with that she helped me identify where my passion is. When I talk with her, I feel heard. She has perfect timing with her questions for me to see my answers again. It is amazing what I could accomplish in a short amount of time and I feel my shift is permanent because my rewards keep me going forward.

Working with Christine has been a real career-changing experience. I called Christine not knowing what was making me so unhappy in my career and ready to even quit my job on many days! However, Christine was able to help me lay out and organize all of my thoughts and difficulties in a caring, but also honest, way and really take a look at what was going on. Through her guidance, I was able to identify what was really making me unhappy and work to start changing those things one at a time through goal-setting and accountability.

In the end, I am currently and happily staying at my job and really love how my situation has changed through my own personal actions. I am more assertive and decisive because I know where I want my career to go and everyone around me at work has benefited as well. I even have a long term career goals that I am excited about reaching! Christine helped me rediscover my purpose and focus in my career and I am so happy to say that my life is more full of passion and happiness because of that!

Thank you again, Christine!